There are several scholarship opportunites available. Some are offered on a national basis, some are offered by District 5080, and many clubs have funds set aside to help with the costs of going on a long-term or short-term exchange.

How Much Does it Cost?

Click on the Program Fees for the flat fee cost and payment schedule.

How Long Does it Last?

Long term exchanges are for an academic year and vary from 10 to 11 ½ months depending on the country. Students depart in the July-September period and return after the end of the academic year.

Rotary Youth Exchange Programs Tailor-Made For You.

The Rotary Youth Exchange study abroad programs is the lowest cost youth exchange program managed by Rotary Volunteers all over the world. Being selected as a Rotary Youth Exchange student is a scholarship program in itself since many of the costs are covered by Rotary volunteers, host famililies, and Clubs. The Rotary Youth Exchange program covers room, board, tuition, and a monthly stipend while you are on your Exchange with an estimated value over $24,000. During your Exchange year you will have the opportunity to learn a new language, discover another culture, and truly become a global citizen. You can choose to study abroad for a full academic year. If going to high school abroad is not your thing (or staying for an entire school year), you could choose a short summer abroad exchange program lasting from a few weeks to a couple of months. Regardless of your choice, the Rotary Youth Exchange study abroad program will be one of your greatest lifetime experiences.

District 5080 Scholarship Opportunities

After acceptance, your sponsoring club can apply for the District’s “Conger Memorial Scholarship.”

Conger Memorial Scholarship Application

Due March 1st

Youth Exchange Assistance Scholarship (YEAS)

This is a full sponsorship (up to $6000) for financially disadvantaged youth in our communities that will enable them to go on an exchange. It was specifically established for students in our communities who would be good ambassadors for our clubs and countries but who would not apply for exchange because they do not have the funds for the exchange fees. This sponsorship program is directed to those students. Contact your YEO or the Outbound Coordinator ( for more information.

YEAS Application and Financial Statement

Sponsoring Clubs

Several Clubs have funding to help their Youth Exchange Students participate in Youth Exchange. Check with your Club YEO to see if they have funding opportunites.

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