District Committee

2022-2023 Youth Exchange Calendar

The District Committee for youth exchange coordinates and promotes youth exchange activities within the district.  The district committee is appointed by the chair of the youth exchange committee, in consultation with the district governor. 

Specific responsibilities are assigned to each member.

Committee member responsibilities include:

  1. Work with Rotary clubs how to actively participate in youth exchange and promote its goals;
  2. Coordinate the youth protection efforts within the Youth Exchange program; Manage and assist in the Club’s outbound and inbound activities, selection and oversight of participants, documentation and reporting;
  3. Implement risk management policies; 
  4. Develop district program guidelines and rules for students that comply with RI policy;
  5. Promote the program through district and club web sites, advertisements, and news stories throughout the district; and
  6. Maintain effective lines of communication between all program participants including students, host families, counselors, and club and district officers.
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