For District 5080 Clubs

“Since 1910, the Rotary Motto has been “Service Above Self.”  Can you think of a better way to place service above yourself than to give your time and attention to improving our community and world through Rotary Youth Exchange?  

Without the support of Rotarian volunteers and clubs, Rotary Youth Exchange would not be the world-renowned program that it is today.  Youth Exchange supports our Rotary objective, especially the advancement of international understanding, goodwill, and peace.

So make a difference in the lives of our youth and the future of our world!  Please help us promote peace in the world by “building bridges between cultures” and support Rotary Youth Exchange.”  

Darryl Bishop, District 5080 Youth Exchange Committee

“Youth Exchange is a high priority program for our Club because it is a foundation of Rotary; it is the beginning of global understanding, builds friendships between nations, and provides everyone involved with a purpose for the future.” Fiona Martin, Rossland Rotary Club

“Youth Exchange not only broadens knowledge and promotes world peace and understanding; it is growing life-long Rotarians. These bright young folks get to meet Rotarians from several places in the world and that builds friendships and a “let’s all work together” mindset that goes on to accomplish great things for their communities and for other communities around the world. Exchanges are a great way to give a young person the confidence to tackle the challenges in their life and the ones this changing world will bring.” Connie Hall, Past President, Moscow Rotary Club


“It is the responsibility of each Rotarian to prepare the New Generations – all young people up to the age of 30 – by improving their life skills to ensure a better future, while recognizing the diversity of their needs.  All clubs and districts are encouraged to undertake projects that support the fundamental needs of the New Generations:  health, human values, education, and self-development.” 

Rotary Code of Policies – 40.060,   Adopted June 1998

How Much Does It Cost To Host a Student” 

Youth Exchange provides for three of the fundamental needs of the New Generations:  human values, education, and self-development.

Youth Exchange students spend a year in a different country and culture, learning a different way of living, a new language and a great deal about themselves.  They are ambassadors, teaching the people they meet about their country, culture and ideas.  Rotary Youth Exchange students help build bridges between cultures.

Participation in Youth Exchange can also help your club and Rotary grow.  In the short term, parents and host families learn about Rotary and can provide a source of new members.  In the long term, Youth Exchange students can become life long ambassadors for Rotary.


  • Coordinating club Youth Exchange activities with the district program and ensuring compliance with RI and District 5080 policies 
  • Recruiting outbound students and hosting inbound students 
  • Recruiting host families for inbound students 
  • Attending district meetings 
  • Budgeting for youth exchange program expenses 
  • Upholding Rotary International Policy 2.110.1 “Statement of Policy for Working With Youth”
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