2023 Inbound Spring Tour and District Convention

Inbound student tour will be May 14-May 20. Students will be attending the District 5080 Conference, Kennewick, WA on May 19th.

May 17th to the 19th the Inbound and Future Qutbound Students will be at the Bar M Ranch, Athena Oregon.

Check-in is 4 pm May 17th
Guest cabins will be unlocked at 4 pm.

Check-out is 11 am May 19th
All guests should check out of their cabins by 11 am.

Bar M Ranch Health Waiver Form

Directions to Bar M Ranch

Inbound Student Fee: $300

What to Bring

Reminder that you will be away from home for 8 days.  Limited laundry facilities.

Sleeping bag, Sleeping pad, Pillow

Towel, Toiletries

Any medication needed for 8 days

Water bottle

Waterproof jacket

Hiking boots

Warm clothes




Appropriate outfit for conference dinner May 19th. (formal or semi-formal wear is not required but no jeans allowed). Students will wear their blazers, nice pants or a dress.

Whatever they need for the talent show.

A talent Show – Your talent can be performed as an individual or as a group and must be 5-7 minutes long.  Some suggestions are mime, dance, signing, playing a musical instrument, magic, skit.   Pauline, Alex and Fiore are doing a ukelele and singing number.

Speeches –Speech Contest Rules

Bathing Suit

Small day pack

 All students must pack their gear in packs or duffle bags as these are easier to load into the vans/support vehicles. No suitcases please!  Remind them we will not be doing any laundry while we are on the tour.

Documents you need to bring:

Insurance card 

Emergency contact card

Students coming from Canada:



Travel permission form

Custodianship form

Copy of guarantee form ( this proves they are a Rotary student in case questioned at the border)

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